Huge RAT repository 450+ RATs (nearly every variant)


Kết quả hình ảnh cho Huge RAT repository 450+ RATs

0nly1 RAT 1.92   2,08 MB 
         A32s RAT   452,33 KB 
         A7m3d-Rat v.2.0.0 Beta   93,76 KB 
         A7m3d-Rat v0.1 Beta By HmooDi Hacker   690,29 KB 
         Ace RAT v1.0   301,6 KB 
         Administrator Switchboard   44,7 KB 
         Adwind RAT v1.0   3,08 MB 
         Adwind RAT v3.0   3,89 MB 
         AK47 RAT By MuhAmMEd bAz   303,84 KB 
         AKID-RAT v0.4   359,18 KB 
         Albertino Advanced RAT v. [ARC - Private]   5,47 MB 
         Albertino Advanced RAT v2.2.1.0 [ARC - Private]   4,35 MB 
         Albertino Simple RAT v0.1.0.0   2,07 MB 
         Al-Fatah RAT v1.0 By Strange-Shahn   373,24 KB 
         Ali-DaNGer File Registerator   202,13 KB 
         Almjhool RAT 1.1   568,05 KB 
         AndroRat   9,52 MB 
         Anonymous Rat v1.0   608,68 KB 
         AnubisDdos - Revenge-Rat v0.1 By Dr.Torjan // Ahmed Ibrahim   3,22 MB 
         Apocalypse RAT v1.4 Bug Fixed 1   1,32 MB 
         Apocalypse RAT v1.4 Bug Fixed 2   1,43 MB 
         Apocalypse RAT v1.4.3 Bug Fixed   1,57 MB 
         Apocalypse RAT v1.4.4   1,52 MB 
         Aqua RAT 0.2   55,44 KB 
         Aquates RAT v1.0   1,4 MB 
         Archelaus RAT - Beta   1,78 MB 
         AutoIt Monster RAT V1.0   1,58 MB 
         B0-K RAT v0.1.3 By Majdi SaaD   1,53 MB 
         Babylon RAT v1.2   4,21 MB 
         Babylon RAT v1.4.2   3,71 MB 
         Babylon RAT v1.5.1.0   4,03 MB 
         Babylon RAT v1.6.0.0   4,35 MB 
         Back Connect Rat 0.5.0 Demo Version   1,97 MB 
         Bad Rat 1.6   1,62 MB 
         BHF Rat v0.2 Beta   659,93 KB 
         Bifrost RAT Of Evil 0.5Ev By NASeeR   875,39 KB 
         Biodox RAT 1.0 By Who!   1,18 MB 
         Black-Key Rat v1.0   942,63 KB 
         BlackNix RAT v1.1 By DrDarkHack   2,66 MB 
         BlackNix RAT v1.2 By DrDarkHack   3,59 MB 
         BlackNix RAT v1.3 By DrDarkHack   5,33 MB 
         BlackNix RAT v1.4 By DrDarkHack   3,58 MB 
         BlackShades RAT Detector 1.0 By Phrozen   1,17 MB 
         Blizzard-RAT Lite v1.1   3,32 MB 
         Blizzard-RAT Lite v1.3.1   3,31 MB 
         Blue Banana RAT v1.0   314,53 KB 
         BluePalm-RAT v1.33 By eXensoft   578,5 KB 
         BluePalm-RAT v1.34 Beta   589,93 KB 
         BX RAT v1.0   1,87 MB 
         BX RAT v1.3   2,68 MB 
         Cerberus [RAT] 1.0 Beta   1,67 MB 
         Cerberus [RAT] 1.01 Beta   1,67 MB 
         Cerberus [RAT] 1.02 Beta   1,67 MB 
         Cerberus [RAT] 1.03.4 Beta   1,66 MB 
         Cerberus [RAT] 1.03.5 Beta   1,56 MB 
         CheckSum File Calculator 1.0 By Shub-Nigurrath   71,79 KB 
         CodeJock COM Server Registrator (OCX)   2,34 MB 
         CodeShell RAT 1.8 By Devilboy   451,9 KB 
         CodeShell RAT v1.0 By Devilboy   138,34 KB 
         CodeShell RAT v1.2 By Devilboy   275,9 KB 
         CodeShell RAT v1.3 By Devilboy   274,77 KB 
         CodeShell RAT v1.4 By Devilboy   275,35 KB 
         CodeShell RAT v1.7 By Devilboy   435 KB 
         Collection Source Code RAT's VB6   4,07 MB 
         Comet Rat v0.1.2.0   1,88 MB 
         Coolvibes RAT v1.12   1,59 MB 
         Coolvibes RAT v1.8   1,11 MB 
         Coringa-RAT v0.1 By SOOFT T   1,26 MB 
         Coringa-RAT v0.3 By SOOFT T   4,83 MB 
         Counter Strike RAT 1.4.5   480,12 KB 
         Crimson RAT 1.3.3   4,42 MB 
         Crimson RAT 2.2.6   3,86 MB 
         Crimson RAT 3.0.0   10,35 MB 
         Crimson RAT v2.2.7 Private   3,25 MB 
         CrimsonRAT 2.2.2   3,7 MB 
         CtOS RAT v1.0.0   2,58 MB 
         CtOS RAT v1.3.0.0   2,66 MB 
         Daleth RAT 1.0   538,19 KB 
         Dandelion-RAT v0.2.x   1,4 MB 
         Dark NET RAT v.   6,08 MB 
         Dark NET RAT v.   5,32 MB 
         Dark NET RAT v.   9,58 MB 
         Dark NET RAT v.   8,97 MB 
         Dark NET RAT v. The Terminator   12,61 MB 
         Dark NET RAT v.   9,89 MB 
         Dark Wolf - RAT 1.0   3,84 MB 
         DarkBack RAT Beta   10,27 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v1.3 By DarkCoderSc   3,83 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Beta 3 By DarkCoderSc   1015,04 KB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Beta 6 By DarkCoderSc   1,23 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 By DarkCoderSc   770,94 KB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final By DarkCoderSc   2,21 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final RC1 By DarkCoderSc   1,97 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final RC2 By DarkCoderSc   2,26 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final RC4 By DarkCoderSc   2,23 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final RC5 By DarkCoderSc   2,3 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final RC6 By DarkCoderSc   2,48 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Final RC7 By DarkCoderSc   2,14 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 PreFinal Beta By DarkCoderSc   1,62 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.0 Ultimate By DarkCoderSc   2,39 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.1 - FWB By DarkCoderSc   2,4 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v2.2 By DarkCoderSc   3,02 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v3.0 By DarkCoderSc   6,58 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v3.0.1 By DarkCoderSc   6,57 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v3.2 FWB By DarkCoderSc   6,68 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v3.3 FWB By DarkCoderSc   3,85 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v4.0 By DarkCoderSc   12,34 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v4.2F fwb By DarkCoderSc   12,02 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v5 fwb By DarkCoderSc   14,25 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v5.0 fwb By DarkCoderSc   14,25 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v5.2 By DarkCoderSc   14,15 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v5.3 By DarkCoderSc   12,26 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v5.3.1 By DarkCoderSc   13,39 MB 
         DarkComet-RAT v5.4.1 Legacy By DarkCoderSc   9,68 MB 
         DarkRAT v11.2 PHP RAT   1,64 MB 
         Dark-Virus RAT v0.2.0 Beta By Dr-Dark Noir   485,97 KB 
         Dark-Virus RAT v0.2.4 By Dr-Dark Noir   469,45 KB 
         Dead RAT v4.1 Beta   3,2 MB 
         Deamond RAT v1.1   1,03 MB 
         Deamond RAT v1.2   2,58 MB 
         Death RAT v0.9 By Mr.Wolf   1,38 MB 
         Death RAT v1.4   2,12 MB 
         Death-RAT v0.3 Beta By GAITH7H3WOLF   1,62 MB 
         Death-RAT v0.7 By GAITH7H3WOLF   1,3 MB 
         DebugRAT PHP v1.0   1,43 MB 
         DerSpaeher RAT 3.0 Beta   276,77 KB 
         DesckVB Rat v2.6 Bleck Edition Private By Pjoao1578   3,16 MB 
         Devils Rat 2.0 By Egyption Hack   472,81 KB 
         Devils Rat 3.0 By X-Code   567,14 KB 
         Devils Rat 5.0 By X-Code   738,49 KB 
         Devils Rat 6.0 By X-Code   645,98 KB 
         Devils Rat 8.0 Final By X-Code   626,98 KB 
         Devils Rat v4.0 By X-Code   632,09 KB 
         Diamond RAT   1,64 MB 
         DNA RAT 1.1   1,97 MB 
         DRAT 2009 V4.0 Build 1201   1,39 MB 
         DRAT 2009 V4.2 Build 1216   1,05 MB 
         DroidJack RAT v3.0 Beta   18,34 MB 
         DroidJack RAT v3.3   16,93 MB 
         DroidJack RAT v4.0   17,72 MB 
         DroidJack RAT v4.4   18,75 MB 
         Eagle RAT v1.2   2,8 MB 
         Eagle RAT v2.5   2,74 MB 
         Echelon RAT 0.3   1,36 MB 
         ElfRAT v1.2   369,86 KB 
         EngRAT v0.1.0 Beta By PEPSI   580,7 KB 
         Epsilon RAT v1.1 By Zanadu   108,5 KB 
         Érebros RAT   1,08 MB 
         ExploitSpot Poison-RAT Patcher 1.0 Beta   1,72 MB 
         Exymna RAT v1.0 By .text / 0xC3   3,95 MB 
         Fake Error Message RAT   69,54 KB 
         FD Rat   4,1 MB 
         FeRAT v1.00   1,04 MB 
         Fighter RAT v1.0   1,41 MB 
         Frutas RAT v0.8 By Adwind   898,79 KB 
         Frutas RAT v0.9   1,29 MB 
         Frutas RAT v1.0 By Adwind   1,87 MB 
         Garota RAT v.Free   433 Bytes 
         Gh0st RAT v1.0   1,34 MB 
         GhostRat v1.1   3,05 MB 
         Golden Phoenix RAT 0.2   1,29 MB 
         GraphicBooting RAT v0.1 Beta   770,93 KB 
         Greame RAT v1.3 Final 03   6,16 MB 
         Greame RAT v1.4   2,69 MB 
         Greame RAT v1.5   2,72 MB 
         Greame RAT v1.6   2,98 MB 
         Greame RAT v1.9 By Greyme-CoderSc   2,93 MB 
         Greek hackers rat 1.0   378,99 KB 
         H - RAT v.5.2   481,11 KB 
         H-A-C RAT v1.0 Public   794,79 KB 
         HackInLan RAT v1.6   449 Bytes 
         HAKOPS RAT v1   2,85 MB 
         HAKOPS RAT v2   4,3 MB 
         Hallaj PRO RAT [Fixed] By Hallaj Hacker   1,27 MB 
         Hallaj PRO RAT By Hallaj Hacker   1,2 MB 
         Harmmy Rat v1.5 By HarmmyCoder   2,48 MB 
         Harmmy Rat v1.6   2,22 MB 
         Harmmy Rat v1.7 By HarmmyCoder   3,45 MB 
         Hav-Rat 1.3.0 Private   1,48 MB 
         Hav-Rat 1.3.2   1,32 MB 
         Hav-Rat 1.3.2 BETA By Havalito   943,14 KB 
         Hav-RAT 1.4.0   1,62 MB 
         HbRAT v1.0.3 By hbq4   148,76 KB 
         Hellraiser RAT 4.2 for Mac   15,37 MB 
         HellSpy RAT v2.0 Beta   3,28 MB 
         HiB RAT v2.0   550,71 KB 
         How to Fix Run KilerRat v9.0.6 in Virtual Machine   7,77 MB 
         HRat 1.0   56,41 KB 
         IceRat v1.0   907,27 KB 
         IceRat v1.2 By Snharib   1,22 MB 
         Ignis Rat v.1   3,66 MB 
         Imperium RAT   3,15 MB 
         ImSecure RAT v1.0   11,55 MB 
         ImSecureRAT v1.0   10,09 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.1 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   5,09 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.2 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   4,57 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.3 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   5,44 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.4 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   5,52 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.5 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   5,65 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.6 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   5,66 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.7 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   6,36 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.8.2 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   6,48 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.8.3 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   6,48 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.9.4 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   13,91 MB 
         Indetectables Rat v.0.9.5 [AutoIt] Beta By M3   13,91 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.1   1,41 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.2   1,31 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.3   1,48 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.4   1,34 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.5.1   1,33 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.6 RC1   1,32 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.7   1,32 MB 
         IndSocket RAT v1.8   1,38 MB 
         Infinity RAT v1.0   835,56 KB 
         Insidious RAT v1.0 Trial   17 MB 
         Insidious RAT v1.1 Framework(1.4) Trial   6,19 MB 
         Iraq RAT V.1   2,44 MB 
         ItRAT v1.0   1,4 MB 
         JnRAT v0.1 By njq8 [ Mod By kheir2 ]   158,79 KB 
         JRAT 3.1 Beta   1,36 MB 
         JRAT Beta   1,58 MB 
         JRAT 3.2.5 Beta   1,75 MB 
         JRAT 4.0.3_1 Limited   1,96 MB 
         JRAT 4.1.1   1,98 MB 
         JRAT 4.1.3   1,78 MB 
         JRAT 4.2.1   1,76 MB 
         JRAT 5   4,2 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.01   2,03 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.02   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.03   2,04 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.04   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.05   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.06   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.07   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.08   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.09   2,05 MB 
         JSpy RAT v0.31   1,57 MB 
         K RAT v.1.0 PHP By KingDom   9,16 MB 
         KilerRat v1.0.6 Arabic By Ahmed Ibrahim   1,08 MB 
         KilerRat v10.0.0 By Ahmed Ibrahim   2,49 MB 
         KilerRat v2.9.6 Fixed By Ahmed Ibrahim   2,99 MB 
         KilerRat v3.1.6 English By Ahmed Ibrahim   1,8 MB 
         KilerRat v4.0.1 By Ahmed Ibrahim   2,2 MB 
         KilerRat v7.5.4 By Ahmed Ibrahim   2,64 MB 
         KilerRat v8.0.9 By Ahmed Ibrahim   12,91 MB 
         KilerRat v9.0.6 By Ahmed Ibrahim   1,14 MB 
         KilerRat v9.0.6 Full Fixed By Ahmed Ibrahim   1,13 MB 
         Kill RAT's By Dr.Hazem   14,95 KB 
         KnightRAT v1.0.0.0   3,48 MB 
         Kula RAT Beta   931,72 KB 
         Kurd Rat v1.0 Beta   614,2 KB 
         KYMS RAT v2.8   332,25 KB 
         L6-RAT Beta 1   8,21 MB 
         LaLa-Rat v1.3   292,37 KB 
         LaMe RAT v1.0   63,73 KB 
         LANfiltrator 1.5 Beta III   1,01 MB 
         LeGeNd - Of - SiR - DoOoM - RaT - THE HELL (VERSION)   601,37 KB 
         LeGend Rat v1.3 By Ahmed Ibrahim   5,22 MB 
         LeGend Rat v1.9 By Ahmed Ibrahim   3,66 MB 
         Limitless NET RAT   531,12 KB 
         LokiRAT ( Simple PHP RAT ) By wulmbos   2,6 MB 
         LuxNET RAT v1.1.0.4   2,63 MB 
         M3 AutoIt Rat v1.2 Beta By M3   3,12 MB  Brute/Checker By Vendetta   1,8 MB 
         Master Rat 1.0   471,82 KB 
         MD5 Checker   8,94 KB 
         Mega RAT 1.5 Beta   2,73 MB 
         MiCROSOFT RAT 1.0 [ Mod By Sorvetero_TIPOTUFF ]   1 MB 
         MiniRAT 0.6 Beta   479,22 KB 
         Morocco-RAT 0.2.1   192,83 KB 
         MQ5 RAT - Plus   1,77 MB 
         NanoCore RAT   2,75 MB 
         NanoCore RAT    2,25 MB 
         NanoCore RAT   5,44 MB 
         NetWire RAT v1.2.1.0 Trial   2,84 MB 
         NetWire RAT v1.4c Trial   2,98 MB 
         Network LookOut Administrator Pro v3.8.16   7,32 MB 
         NjRAT v0.3.5 - Arabic By njq8   365,81 KB 
         NjRAT v0.3.5 By njq8   362,76 KB 
         NjRAT v0.3.6 By njq8   372,81 KB 
         NjRAT v0.4.1 Fixed By njq8   513,23 KB 
         NjRAT v0.5.0 By njq8   503,58 KB 
         NjRAT v0.5.2 By RedDevil   1,19 MB 
         NjRAT v0.6.4 By njq8   1,41 MB 
         NjRAT v0.7d By njq8   1,18 MB 
         NjRAT v0.7d Professional Edition By Dark .NET   3,84 MB 
         NjRAT v0.8d By Nasser2012   1,9 MB 
         Nuclear RAT 1.0   2,25 MB 
         Nuclear RAT 2.1.0   970,55 KB 
         Orcus RAT v1.3.1   19,74 MB 
         Orion RAT 0.9 Free   4,14 MB 
         Ozone RAT 0.55   5,48 MB 
         PaiN RAT 0.1 Beta 8   874,79 KB 
         PaiN RAT 0.1 Beta 9   919,33 KB 
         PaiN RAT 0.1 RC1   974,07 KB 
         Pandora RAT v1.1   1,52 MB 
         Pandora RAT v2.0 Beta   3,9 MB 
         Pandora RAT v2.1 Beta   2,15 MB 
         Pandora RAT v2.2 Beta   4,66 MB 
         Paradox RAT v4.2.3   2,01 MB 
         Pest RAT v4.0   1,24 MB 
         Phoenix RAT v1.00   1,05 MB 
         PixelRAT 1.9 By PixelFrag   136,16 KB 
         Plasma RAT 1.5 Beta   2,55 MB 
         Plasma RAT 1.6   2,85 MB 
         Plasma RAT 1.7 Latest Edition   3,16 MB 
         Pocket RAT v1.0   8,62 KB 
         Point-H By Bratalarm   2,52 KB 
         PowerRat v1.0.5   2,62 MB 
         Program Rat v1.0 By Black Sniper   395,57 KB 
         ProRat v1.8   3,05 MB 
         ProRat v1.9   3,06 MB 
         ProRat v2.1   3,26 MB 
         ProSpy RAT 1.0   4,78 MB 
         Proton RAT v1.0.0.6   1,92 MB 
         Punisher RAT v0.5   761,8 KB 
         Punisher RAT v1.1   1,75 MB 
         Punisher RAT v1.2   2,5 MB 
         Pytho RAT 1.5   1,08 MB 
         Rabbit-Hole Autoit RAT v1.0   2,43 MB 
         Rabbit-Hole Autoit RAT v1.0 Beta 2   2,8 MB 
         RAT Alusinus 0.1   314,53 KB 
         RAT Alusinus 0.3   554 KB 
         RAT Alusinus 0.6   769,99 KB 
         RAT Alusinus 0.8   961,29 KB 
         RAT Alusinus 0.9   1,27 MB 
         Ratroid   4,28 MB 
         Razar RAT v1.0 By Razar   770,63 KB 
         RedDevil RAT v0.1 By Red Devil   2,7 MB 
         Remcos RAT v1.1.1 Free By Viotto   6,04 MB 
         Remote Operations REDEEMER 2.4   805,7 KB 
         Remote Penetration v2.2 By icyinferno   2,66 MB 
         Restorator 2007 v3.70 Build 1709   3,32 MB 
         Restorator 2007 v3.70 Build 1747   1,11 MB 
         Restorator 2009 v4.00 Build 1807   927,69 KB 
         Revenge-RAT v.0.1 By N A P O L E O N   1,6 MB 
         Revenge-RAT v.0.2 By N A P O L E O N   4,88 MB 
         Revenge-RAT V0.3   12,41 MB 
         Rottie3 RAT By HacxXcoder   1,03 MB 
         RoyalNET RAT v1.3.1   2,24 MB 
         RPG RAT v0.0.0   1022,73 KB 
         S3curity-RAT v0.1.0   907,32 KB 
         Sa3eka Rat v1.3   599,72 KB 
         Sa3eka RAT v1.4   1,46 MB 
         Sako RAT v1.1 By Sako-Hacker   504,66 KB 
         Sako RAT v2.0   569,72 KB 
         Santi RAT   245,79 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.1 Final   607,4 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.2 Beta   558,67 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.2 Final   532,08 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.3 Beta   597,17 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.4 Beta   712,91 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.4 Final   1,1 MB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.5 Beta   565,51 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.5 Final   559,14 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.6 Beta   552,81 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.6 Final   557,81 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.7   589,75 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.8   610,99 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.8.1   762,43 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 0.9   780,98 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 1.0   812,71 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 1.1   838,03 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 2.0 Alpha   406,34 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 2.0 Alpha 2   600,79 KB 
         Schwarze Sonne RAT 2.0 Beta 1   605,83 KB 
         Sec4Kurd-Rat v0.1 By Zhyar SleMany   731,98 KB 
         Setro RAT v1.03   1,2 MB 
         ShadowTech Rat v1.0   2,28 MB 
         SharpEye-RAT 1.0 Beta 1   977,71 KB 
         SharpEye-Rat 1.0 Beta 2   976,26 KB 
         Shia Hacker School -Rat v1.0 By HacxXcoder   4,17 MB 
         Simple RAT [ Mod By TIPOTUFF ]   1,37 MB 
         Skd Rat 2.0   1,49 MB 
         SkyWyder RAT   8,14 MB 
         SlayerRAT v0.5.2 By X-Slayer   5 MB 
         SlayerRAT v0.6.9 By X-Slayer   5,75 MB 
         SlayerRAT v0.7.2 By X-Slayer   4,03 MB 
         SlickRAT v1.0 PHP   509,07 KB 
         SlickRAT v2.0 Beta   1,54 MB 
         Small-Net RAT v1.0   1,19 MB 
         Small-Net RAT v2.0   736,12 KB 
         Small-Net RAT v3.0   704,32 KB 
         Small-Net RAT v4.0 By ElMattadorDz   1,31 MB 
         Small-Net RAT v5.0 By ElMattadorDz   1,1 MB 
         Smart RAT v1.0.2   898,69 KB 
         Solitude RAT 1.0 By Arcane   1,65 MB 
         Sparta-RAT 1.0 By Azooz Ejram   2,15 MB 
         Sparta-RAT 1.2 By Azooz Ejram   622,52 KB 
         Spider-Virus RAT v0.7d Pro Edition Edited By SpiderVirus   1,46 MB 
         Splinter RAT v1.41 Beta By Solomon Sonya & Nick Kulesza   6,8 MB 
         Splinter RAT v1.42 Beta   333,23 KB 
         Splinter RAT v1.541 Beta   185,95 KB 
         SpyGate-RAT v0.2.6   854,81 KB 
         SpyGate-RAT v2.0   377,79 KB 
         SpyGate-RAT v2.0 Arabic   409,49 KB 
         SpyGate-RAT v2.9   820,61 KB 
         SpyGate-RAT v3.1   2,58 MB 
         SpyGate-RAT v3.2   541,51 KB 
         SpyGate-RAT v3.3   1006,77 KB 
         SpyNote [ Android RAT ] 2.4.1 By Scream   8,19 MB 
         SpyNote [ Android RAT ] v2.3   10,04 MB 
         Spy-Rat v1.0   446,43 KB 
         Spy-Rat v1.1   512,94 KB 
         Spy-Rat v1.2   628,03 KB 
         Spy-Rat v1.3   1,24 MB 
         Spy-Rat v1.4   1,25 MB 
         Spy-Rat v1.5 Fixed   1,25 MB 
         Spy-Rat v1.6 Alpha   1,26 MB 
         SpySystem RAT v1.0   518,18 KB 
         SpyVille RAT By Thow4EveR   1,66 MB 
         SSH R.A.T 1.3 [ RAT / Keylogger / Crypter ]   405,89 KB 
         StillBornRAT   2,31 MB 
         StormRat v2.0 By KingCobraXD   821,19 KB 
         Syndrome RAT v4.3.1 By DarkCoderSc   2,24 MB 
         Syria Pro Rat #BurHan HacKer   1,95 MB 
         Syrian-RAT 0.0.1 Alpha By Simon-Benyo   1,74 MB 
         TG-RAT v1.7   944,92 KB 
         The Rats Crew - AIO   36,74 KB 
         TiG3R RAT v1.0   350,17 KB 
         TorCT PHP RAT v6.21.0.4   8,55 MB 
         TorCT PHP RAT v6.22.1.6   8,54 MB 
         Traffix RAT v0.3 RC1   454,68 KB 
         Tunnel Rat 1.0 By Princeali   1,19 MB 
         UcuL rat v1.0   295,46 KB 
         UcuL rat v1.1   644,81 KB 
         UGSec RAT 0.7   1,1 MB 
         Vanguard RAT v0.1 Beta By RemoteGuy   999,51 KB 
         VanToM RAT 1.0 By VanToM   652,99 KB 
         VanToM RAT 1.3 By VanToM   2,68 MB 
         VanToM RAT 1.4 By VanToM   2,83 MB 
         Viotto ocx Registrator v1.0 By Viotto   380,75 KB 
         Viral RAT 1.0   1,1 MB 
         Virus Rat v4.0   526,29 KB 
         Virus Rat v6.0 By njq8   451,72 KB 
         Virus Rat v7.0   451,92 KB 
         Virus Rat v8.0 Beta   454,29 KB 
         VorteX RAT v1.0   693,29 KB 
         VorteX RAT v3.3   693,35 KB 
         VRAT v0.1 - 17Nov - The Beginning By B01   255,67 KB 
         Vsaver-Rat v.0.1 By v_NAPOLEON   7,38 MB 
         VX-Rat v8.0 Beta By xCoder - MahmoudNasr   663,81 KB 
         WildRat 0.0.5 By Wildbook   10,29 KB 
         WiRAT v0.1.5F   4,11 MB 
         Wormins RAT 0.8 By WormSystem   2,72 MB 
         Wormins RAT 1.2 By WormSystem   6,87 MB 
         Wormins RAT 1.5.3 By WormSystem   7,15 MB 
         X Remote Administration tool 2.0   687,84 KB 
         Xanity PHP RAT By XilluX   781,53 KB 
         Xena RAT 2.0.0 Beta   7,82 MB 
         XpertRAT v3.0.10 By Abronsius   1,69 MB 
         XpertRAT v3.0.8 By Abronsius   1,39 MB 
         XpertRAT v3.0.9 By Abronsius   1,7 MB 
         XRAT 2.0 BETA2 By MaxX0r   335,64 KB 
         XRAT 2.0 RELEASE3   404,83 KB 
         Xtreme RAT 1.0   2,1 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 1.1   2,17 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.2   2,59 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.3   2,75 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.4   2,78 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.5   3,27 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.6   3,24 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.6 Türkçe   3,14 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.7.1   3,32 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.7.1 Türkçe   3,22 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 2.8.1   9,47 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.0   3,96 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.1   4,13 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.5 Private   5,86 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.6 Private   5,13 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.6 Private   5,13 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.7   10,6 MB 
         Xtreme RAT 3.8   13,46 MB 
         Xtreme RAT v2.8.3   9,42 MB 
         Xtreme RAT v2.9   9,55 MB 
         Y3k Rat 2k5 RC 1.0   1,81 MB 
         Y3k Rat 2k5 RC 1.1   1016,95 KB



Tham gia Thành viên Nhóm NhutTruong.Com Download hàng ngàn khóa học miễn phí, không quảng cáo link google drive download cực nhanh chỉ cần đóng phí 1 lần 100k sài vĩnh viễn khóa học update thường xuyên.

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NhutTruong.Com - Chia sẻ kiến thức miễn phí: Huge RAT repository 450+ RATs (nearly every variant)
Huge RAT repository 450+ RATs (nearly every variant)
NhutTruong.Com - Chia sẻ kiến thức miễn phí
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