Hệ Thống Thuyết Phục Đường Thẳng

Bộ 10 Video “Hệ Thống Thuyết Phục Đường Thẳng” – Sói già Phố Wall Jordan Belfort  trị giá 970$
Module 8 – The Presentation- The Power of the Three 10’s_3.normal800x480.mp4
Module 7 – The Art of Qualifying- Asking the Right Questions.normal800x480.mp4
Module 6 – The Straight Line System- The Master Formula for Controlling the Sale.normal800x480.mp4
Module 5 – The Inner Game of Sales- Aligning the Forces that Creating Lasting Results.normal800x480.mp4
Module 4 – Being a Visionary- The True Secret to Success.normal800x480.mp4
Module 3 – Mastering Tonality- How to Capture Attention in 4 Seconds Flat.normal800x480.mp4
Module 2 – The Art of Prospecting- 5 Keys to Sales Mastery.normal800x480.mp4
Module 10 – Becoming a Person of Influence- How to Create Customers for Life.normal800x480.mp4
Module 1 – The 3 Tenets of Straight Line Persuasion.normal800x480.mp4
Download: https://daotao.nhuttruong.com/course/he-thong-thuyet-phuc-duong-thang/

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