Get a Reverse Shell in Seconds using USB Rubber Ducky & Arduino BadUSB

Today We’re going to setup a reverse shell in USB Rubber Ducky and Arduino BadUSB. And using netcat for a reverse shell. You can find 60 best Rubber Ducky USB payloads.

How to get Direct link?

Replace it with this:

How to get your IP & Port?

You need to find the IP Address of your machine where you’re gonna use netcat listener to get a reverse shell. And for port if you wanna use this on your network then you don’t need to port forward if you wanna conduct this attack on WAN network then you have to port forward through your router it’s very easy but still many are failed to port forward. Let us know if you face similar issue with port forwarding.

The code will look like this:

This code below is for rubber ducky! 

If you wanna convert this Rubber Ducky Script to Arduino BadUSB click here! You need to use an IDE to compile the code for your Arduino BadUSB.

Now you’re done with your Rubber Ducky and Arduino since you pasted your compiled code on your USB. Then you have to setup a netcat listener on your attacker machine and start listening port and boom you’ll get a session when you plug in that USB on your victim machine.

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